Our Garden Is Growing Again!

On this day in 2014, we welcomed a group of volunteers through the United Way’s Day of Caring to help us install a community garden.  Our vision was that the gardens would be a place for our staff and tenants to work together in planning, planting and growing fresh vegetables and herbs.  Three years later, we are ready to grow a garden a little bigger!

This year we have one tenant who is dreaming of cooking a big pot of hodge-podge at the end of summer.  He’s excited about planting potatoes and carrots and peas.   He enjoys puttering in the garden.   We have invited a couple who moved here from Turkey to use one of our boxes as their personal garden.  We are looking forward to learning about their favorite harvest recipes, and perhaps some new farming techniques!    There are a few staff who enjoy gardening, and so they will be tending a box of onions and jalapenos that will be destined for the Peter McKee Food Center for their annual salsa making event!

Right now, gardeners are only able to access tools and watering hoses during regular business hours.   This is not ideal, since watering is best in early morning or late evening.  Our gardeners have asked for  access to tools after hours and we’d like to make that happen.  We are in the midst of designing a tool shed but in order to make this work, we could use donations of gardening tools, hoses, and even gift cards to local hardware stores to offset the costs of lumber and supplies.

If you want to be a part of our community garden, please click on the Canada Helps link and just earmark your donation for the Community Garden Tool Shed.  On behalf of our gardeners, thank you!!

We will be posting updates on our Blog page, so we hope you will pop back in over the summer to see how our garden is growing!

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