Loop Lupy – Action

Little rabbit Lupy hopes to reach its family who lives between the fluffy clouds in the sky. However, to do this, Lupy needs your help.

If you speedily pass all levels and get to the score of 1000, Lupy will be reunited with his family. Along this adventurous road, collect the carrots, as they will aid both you and Lupy.

You can use these carrots to retrieve your awards found in the ‘My Carrots’ page. Additionally, you can pick the ring’s colour on the ‘My Ring’ page. If you wish to collect more carrots, you can simply click on the ‘watch video’ button situated on the home page. This will give you an extra 50 carrots, increasing your chance of helping Lupy.

Don’t forget, as you progress through this journey rain, wind and snow will make your job harder! Lupy is very excited and cannot wait to go back home! Have fun and good luck!