The John Howard Society of Southeastern New Brunswick Inc. offers many programs and services that address the needs of men and women, and their families. It is one of our goals to always have something to offer in each of the stages of involvement in the criminal justice system– from those at risk to those making the transition and giving back to community.

At Risk

We offer a wide variety of programs for men, women, and families that help to change the direction of their lives by learning and practicing new skills, and helping them to make healthy choices about their future.


Staff and volunteers visit federal prisons and provincial jails to provide a connection to community, support, and information, for people who are incarcerated and their family members.

Transitioning to Community

Staff and volunteers assist men who are being released from prison beginning six months before their release date, to assist with connecting them with resources in the community before they leave so that the transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Re-entering Community

Once they have returned to community, staff are available to assist with preparing for job search, affordable housing, volunteer opportunities, connecting to support systems in the community.

Giving Back

Through our restorative justice initiatives, and volunteer activities, people involved with the justice system have opportunities to be accountable for harm they may have caused and begin to make things right within community.

Our programs and services are all developed to reduce risk and build strengths in one way or another. We focus on helping our clients build knowledge, skills, support systems and motivation to achieve their goals in pro-social ways. By involving community as volunteers, in our work we help to build support systems and increased sense of belonging for people who have been removed from community for a period of time – either through incarceration or stigma or marginalization.