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We at the John Howard Society of SENB are dedicated to providing service delivery and programming centred on Justice, Employment, Health, and Youth and Supporting the early stages of the Housing continuum. Our team comprises committed and skilled support professionals who meet individuals at their current life stage, ensuring personalized support and assistance.


We envision a safe, engaged, inclusive community where everyone has access to the support they need to live a meaningful, healthy life.


Our mission is to support the community and those who might be considered vulnerable in making positive choices for a better life by laying the groundwork through education, employment, housing, and justice programs and services.

What we do, how we do it, and why:  

At the John Howard Society of SENB, we ELEVATE people, EMPOWER change, and ENRICH our communities through positive action. We strive to lay the groundwork within our communities through essential pillars: education, employment, housing, and justice. We build futures that foster resilient, healthier, and safer communities by addressing these fundamental aspects.

With 70 years of service in New Brunswick, the John Howard Society has worked tirelessly to connect and cultivate relationships with local and regional networks across the province, delivering foundational services. Through these partnerships, we enhance our team’s capacity to cater to the unique needs of our diverse community.

We are dedicated to promoting independence, upholding dignity, and instilling hope within individuals, actively contributing to developing resilient, thriving, and secure communities.

Our approach:

Our approach involves the execution, integration, piloting, and pioneering of various services and programming around housing, employment, education, and justice systems that facilitate progress and positive outcomes.

Our commitment: 

Our commitment goes beyond just making a difference; we are, in many ways, redefining what is possible. We create waves of change, Elevating, Empowering, and Enriching lives, ensuring every individual is seen, heard, and valued in our pursuit of a better tomorrow. We firmly believe in challenging the existing limits to make a meaningful impact at the local level, inspiring transformative shifts and embracing innovation to meet today’s pressing challenges.

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