The John Howard Society in Moncton is more than meets the eye. On the surface, we offer a long list of programs and services to our clients. Behind the scenes, the programs we choose to offer, and how we deliver them, is done with a lot of purpose.

We only deliver programs that fall into 5 distinct categories: housing, personal emotions management, addictions & mental health, education, and employment. We chose those 5 areas because we believe what the criminal justice research tells us – that if you address needs in those areas, you will see a decrease in risk behaviours and an increase in personal self-management skills. Our strategies will help people change their beliefs and behaviours, and therefore change their lives.

We are really good at what we do because our staff members are genuine, hopeful, and truthful with everyone we serve. And that’s no coincidence, either! They were hired because of their personal characteristics, along with their professional credentials, because the research says we’ll have a better chance of success if we do.

As an organization, we believe that everyone has value. Our clients tell us that they feel safe here, that they do not feel judged for their past behaviours – that we treat them with dignity. We hold our clients accountable for their behaviour and we give them opportunities to repair harm caused and to learn new ways of getting their needs met.

As a result, people who have been involved with the law or who have conditions that might put them at risk to becoming involved with the law, can work on reducing some of those risk factors and developing the knowledge, skills, support systems and motivation to choose a lifestyle that is healthier and crime free.

Community is an important piece in this puzzle. Without citizens who understand the root causes of crime, and are open to offering second chances, a client cannot come full circle. That loop is left open when someone does not have a hope of getting a job, rent a decent place to live, or have their children attend school or family members live without stigma. We need community to do our job fully!

Our mission is to work with people who want to make good choices for a better life, and to lay the groundwork in community, so that they can fulfil those goals. Ultimately, our work is about safe and healthy communities for everyone.

The John Howard Society of Southeastern New Brunswick is a non-profit registered charity in the field of community safety located in Moncton, New Brunswick and serving all of Westmorland, Albert, and Kent counties.