Defining Moments

Many of us can recall those moments when we look back and know that for certain that that book, or that event changed everything for us. I have had a few of them myself. After reading Essentialism by Greg McKeown, I have no trouble saying “No” without guilt. Repelling down a rock cliff (and going back up a

What can kill a good NGO?

The funding environment for nonprofits is changing around the world and many organizations are finding that they need to update or adapt the way they work in order to survive. Many international aid agencies are moving from the donor model, towards a sustainable social enterprise model - one where they are receiving funds in return for the sale

Green Trade: A Social Enterprise

Simply put, a social enterprise is a business with 2 bottom lines: financial and social. The financial one is easy – the business needs to make a profit in order to survive. The second one – the social purpose - is the underlying purpose for the business: maximizing human and/or environmental well-being. Take for example, Green Trade.