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Welcome to the Bridge To Home Resource Hub

The Bridge to Home Resource Hub is committed to tackling chronic homelessness in our community by providing prevention, diversion and first-point-of-entry support to individuals in a course through challenging times towards homelessness. Providing resources and access to vital community services that could divert homelessness or pave the way to safe and appropriate shelter and housing. Our goal is to bridge the gap between individuals experiencing homelessness and the resources they need to achieve stability and a brighter future.

At the Bridge to Home Resource Hub, our mission is clear: to reduce chronic homelessness in our community by connecting individuals with essential services and support. We believe that by providing access to resources and assistance, we can empower individuals to overcome barriers and find safe, stable housing.

Key Initiatives:

– Essential Service Navigation: Our resource hub serves as a central point for individuals to access a range of essential community services, including housing assistance, healthcare, employment support, and mental health resources. Our dedicated team is here to assist individuals in navigating these services and finding the support they need.

– Community Warming Space: From December through March, the Bridge to Home Hub provides a 24-hour warming space for individuals experiencing housing insecurity. This safe and welcoming environment offers respite from the cold weather and connects individuals with additional resources and support while on site.

Donations: Your generous donations help us continue providing essential services and support to individuals in need. Whether it’s monetary contributions, warm clothing, blankets, or hygiene products, every donation makes a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Thank you for your support of the Bridge to Home Resource Hub. Together, we can make a lasting impact in the fight against homelessness in our community.