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Integrated Correctional Program Model

CSC has based ICPM (Integrated Correctional Program Model) on models of what works in correctional rehabilitation, including cognitive-behavioural approaches. The integrated nature of ICPM allows offenders to address all of their criminal behaviour under one program umbrella. This works because even if offenders have diverse patterns of offending and different criminal offences, the program focuses on commonalities that lead to criminal behaviour, common interests, individual circumstances and application of skills. The ICPM programs begin by identifying the criminogenic risk factors for each offender. These are then reframed into personal targets.

These are the goals that are identified in order to work towards their successful reintegration. The ICPM model teaches offenders a broad range of skills to target multiple risk factors. The program’s structure allows offenders to better understand the interplay between their multiple risk factors and how the same skill sets can be used to effectively manage them. The main goal of the Community Maintenance Program is to reduce the risk of re-offending. Offenders will review core self-management skills, apply skills to real-life situations, gain, rehearse, and maintain skills learned throughout their sentences.